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A place for finding and sharing knowledge about locations, creatures, loot and tools and everything else a participant would want to know about Project Ion.
  • Usefull links for Project Ion Websites related to Project Ion. Official websites, other websites, forums, wiki's, asset donors and more! Thanks so far all for your contributions!
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  • Basics Project Ion The basics of Project Ion. Sticky post for in game controls and other vital information. Write your reviews or guides on in-game elements.
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  • Creatures Project Ion A overview of creatures and entities so far in Project Ion. For more detailed information on creatures you could best visit the wiki pages created by community members.
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  • Locations Project Ion On the moment there is only one area to visit. (Official Beginner City)
    As soon other area's open you will find information about them here.
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  • Weapons and tools Find out here all about the available weapons and tools in Project Ion. Share your thoughts on them! For detailed information about weapons and tools visit the wiki pages created by community members.
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  • No fitting category? When you can not find a fitting category you can place your topic in this section. Could create a new category when someone does do a good suggestion.
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