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Team Hunting

Post#1 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:24 am


I thought, rather than keep repeating same rules every team hunt that i would just say here what my team hunt 'rules' are (same name on EU, player since August 2008 :D . More hofs under ''vive la ziggy'' or Starfleet command'' etc etc as i am more of a team hunter. Damn Prots.

Anyway. Please feel free to add. Just thought it good to have something on forum

1) Team setting would 'normally' be damage share. That means in laymans terms how much damage each does reflects on 'multi loot' (skins, hemp, wood wtc) (help, what is that type of loot called???). So for example - if 3 in team 1 guy using at 100% enhanced R05 and 2 guys using m16s, guy with Enhanced R05 will get 5 steel plates and M16 guys will get 1 each. You know what i mean.

2). Single Items. This is CRITICAL. In my opinion, single items are anything above 5 dinar (unless a super rare loot like minigun, but i dont know the TT on them). You can decide your own 'low limit' on single items. One can NOT split a gun, or a scope amongst the team. It is easy to get around that

1) Have a 'clean' Inventory before you start the hunt (so dont have any 'spare' scopes, armor etc unless you write it down 1st in your inventory). Just storage them till after hunt

2) AGREE BEFORE HUNT STARTS what the split will be on ''single items''. If one guy using Enhanced R05 with 03 amp and 1 guy using M16.....guy using R05 might not want a 50/50 split

3) If using fapper. Do close line. Fappers are not magik they cant fap some1 100m away

4) Decide who will 'tag'. It might not necessarily be the team leader. LET THE TAGGER - TAG. Focus on targeted mob only

5) Split the single items at the end. Best to have a guy (or lady) who is good at maths. There might/will be problems if 'rare' single items. Is several possible ways to solve it (and advice/opinions welcome here).

- Easy way. Auction it
- If, say an armor part. Let 1 guy/lady have it (for TT value). Next hunt other guy/lady gets it

Is a lot more to add to this. Please feel free to add . As i said before just thought it easier for ''noobs'' like me, if team hunt 'rules' are out in the open ;)


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Re: Team Hunting

Post#2 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:48 am

1 possible 'solution' to the problem of if team loots a super rare item (in this game that means Miniguns) and every1 wants to keep it.....share it. If 2 guys (or girls :D ) loot a minigun, use it 50% decay each. F12 is your friend if doing that... ;)

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