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After Reset

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:52 am
by Tesla Coil
This background story is so much reminding me of Project Ion's potential storyline along with the fact this is my style of video for future planned episodes from Project Ion.


After Reset™ - a classic roleplaying open world game with old school top view, which action takes place in the future on Earth dying slowly after nuclear cataclysm that buried nearly all life on the planet.

Planet Earth. 132 years after the "Reset," the thermonuclear apocalypse which ended human civilization. Around one third of the globe is covered by "Yellow Zones," where the ruins of cities are covered with radioactive dust.

In these areas, anarchist "Survivor" groups have taken control, and uncontaminated food and drinking water are valued at parity with human life.

Another third of the Earth is in the agony of the "Red Zones," the epicenters of the deadly anomalies which arose as a result of a nuclear chain reaction in the atmosphere, and the morphing of the planet.
The majority of terrestrial organisms are not capable of surviving in the "Red Zones," which makes it a perfect home for mutants and "guests" from deep space.

The planet is unrecognizable and empty…

Links of interest if you want to learn more about this project.

After Reset main website
After Reset Facebook

Re: After Reset

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:43 pm
by Babar
Pion needs a epic storyline video like this too!

Re: After Reset

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:10 am
by Tesla Coil
Babar wrote:Pion needs a epic storyline video like this too!
Should not be to hard as soon we have some concept art and some official direction in the story-line.

In the After-Reset video they used besides the actual story,
* A neat voice to tell the story
* A couple of concept art screen-shots including a nice over-lay effect

A couple of sound engineers have come to Project Ion to offer some help and they could potentially help with voices, but still not yet found a artist who would want to make some neat drawings for Project Ion.

Some of the screens on their website used in the video :

Not used in the video :

Re: After Reset

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:07 pm
by lucius
nice finde tez.
i kinda like the dark storyline or conceptline.
would be cool if we would make some brainstorming - if the devs are ok with that- to find a direction of the storyline.
im no storywriter, but i write a lot of marketing strategies and shit. so i could help build the strategic direction of the storyline.
mebe some dude whos already playing is good at storytelling and knows how to build up a good and open storyline.

on a sidenote. i would not go with the nuclear desaster - thats already so sucked out. mebe we find another kind of "apocalypse scenario". Aliens could be involved, but not a must - the enemy could also come from inside the earth, or even from another dimension.
the catastrophie that almost extincted us could be biological or chemical, also from a kind of radiation that we cannot explain so far ....

you can also count me in on writing a storyboard for a small introduction movie ....