Disney Infinity, first gametoolkit for kids?

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Disney Infinity, first gametoolkit for kids?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:21 am

Disney has come with something new.
Disney Infinity


For me it looks like a plug and play game tool kit, guess a lot of kids will become potential game developers if this kind of setup is going to continue.
Would be great to see more of these plug and play stuff made for a more adult public instead for kids.
There are already a lot of game tool kits around but having a plug and play one as simple like this one would be awesome.

Hope to see other people than Disney launch toolkits and offer platforms to host your created games in.
Like this you will get some real plug and play developers on the market.
Do not forget what the implications are for game development as a whole.

If you have by example 1000 different scenes, 1000 different races all with a own avatar creation tool, another 1000 types of vehicles, 100.000's of models, sounds, many ways to add game-play elements trough per-designed scripts...
I could continue but as i am not a developer i guess i oversee a lot of extra multiply options.
To come to my point, in the end you could make a infinite number of different types of games if you set up this game tool kit in the right way.

Would be great to see the best of the best Unity developers form a group and start work out something like this.
Game tool kits sell good, think Disney should not be the one that is going to take the lead!

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