Update V

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Update V

Post#1 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:29 pm

Good day folks!

Once again we come to you bearing good news! The new update, including a community claimable production facility, is finally ready for live deployment. It will remain on lock down for a short while to give everyone a fair chance to prepare for a take over attempt. During this time it will be possible to purchase resources from the production terminals in the facility. Be careful though, the facility is located in Outlaws. More detailed info on how one goes about a take over will be provided well before the facility is up for grabs.

Ofcourse there´s a bunch more additions, fixes and improvements to be found in this update. The most notable of which are summed up in this here release notes:

Notes! (vu

New: community claimable production facility
New: selection of items and recipes
New: teleporter transition screen effect
New: foliage collision effect supporting up to 5 players or vehicle in close range

Changed: some vegation around babylon was updated
Changed: some recipes received a minimal make over
Changed: outlaws was updated to host the first of 3 claimable areas planned
Changed: all weapons can now do critical hits on creatures, melee 225% , handgun 200% , rifle 175% , sniper 150%
Changed: reduced rubber banding when vehicle position is corrected by the server
Changed: more realistic vehicle dmg detection
Changed: implemented UMA culling system to optimize combined models for maximum performance, eliminating artifacts and simplifying the introduction of new content
Changed: implemented runtime lod generation for the UMA avatars with on the fly detail reduction for maximum performance and minimal artifacts.

Fixed: payback from auction could screwing things up under specific circumstances
Fixed: car flying away when exiting on a (steep) hill or inside another car

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