Update V

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Update V

Post#1 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:58 pm

Good day folks!

Well would you look at that... Isn't that the first update of 2017? You bet ya!
We're still in the first month of surviving the new year and already putting one on the board. Winning! :-)

So with that established, we'll leave it up to you to see what's exactly in the notes, and if your personal reports/requests were honored this time. Have a good one!

Notes! (vu

New: craftable armor attachments to boost protection
New: vehicle trunk with 12 slots per category (all vehicles share the same trunk)
New: craftable damage amplifiers for ranged weapon
New: items / clothes (crafted and looted)

Changed: voyager armor protection to different protection types
Changed: arkladon armor increased protection for existing types
Changed: prototype p02 and OAT beta pistols damage types balanced for pvp
Changed: extra button in auction orders to show item stats window
Changed: mining depth is rebalanced with more influence from skills on the chance of getting more rare resources
Changed: pvp damage detection for specific areas of the body body (legs, torso, arms and head). Headshots FTW!
Changed: some fonts have been changed to show more diff between certain characters. (ie:uppercase I and lower case l)

Fixed: tire friction on rovers not set correctly for all wheels
Fixed: recipes not shown client side even with correct skill level
Fixed: crafting/recycling of eletricwire getting stuck in the cogwheels somewhere
Fixed: area tax for neutral communities not applied correctly
Fixed: flimsy community rankings calculations
Fixed: naked avatar lod switching glitch, probable cause of the occasional invisible avatar
Fixed: memory leak in some specific cases when cleaning up unused avatars

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Re: Update V

Post#2 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:17 pm

hey guys,

After this last update i can't login, every time I try to login says "server is full". Please tell me that to do?; do i still need to reactivate my password or what ? thanks.

Regards : Bobstar

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