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Update V

Post#1 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:21 pm

There it is folks!

We promised a big update and we're glad to finally ship it your way. Most of the features in this VU are following up on the top 3 player requests so we're looking forward to hear your opinions. In short, expect a big chunk of additional content, support for new / free players as well as some challenges for the higher skilled folks. And now, here's John with the release notes:

Notes! (vu

New: a tooltip on (quest) pickups
New: automatic option on component production and assembly
New: right-click on map window to add a marker pin (max 15)
New: Mr Jobs moved into Babylon to help people out
New: high end basic rifle, booster and limited event editions
New: hostile area found in the south east, investigation team is en route
New: first reports indicate a huge battle platform operating in the area

Changed: balancing facility take over increasing kill points from 1 to 3
Changed: pvp message shown above crosshair (out of the way)
Changed: contruction workers finished projects in several places
Changed: classic mechs were overtaken by a fresh model
Changed: some creatures slightly evolved and/or shifted habitat a bit

Fixed: a couple of recipes didn't show up properly
Fixed: revival kill now prevented by grace period

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