Update V

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Update V

Post#1 » Sun May 07, 2017 5:22 pm

Good news everyone!

With this version update we're taking a big leap forward in regards to ION's look & feel. Or in other words: expect eye candy!

After delivering the previous update we got a glimpse of the world on the highest quality settings and decided to dedicate a cycle to esthetics. With new hardware we could finally tweak things for the folks operating in the upper range. Up to that point the bottom line performance was determined using an ancient Nvidia Quadro with only 512 megs of ram. Animations were hardly a priority and rather poor. (Which is a polite way of saying they sucked. Especially compared to this update!) Not to mention movement felt like running through a pool of custard with a heal kit clenched between the buttocks. We´re very pleased with the results and look forward to hear you lot about it :-)

Notes! (vu

New: custom animation system and (almost) all new animations on avatars
New: improved dynamic positioning of head, hands and legs
New: color correction tuning to make the world look more pleasing and realistic
New: sun ray post-fx (replaces the lower quality one)

Changed: terrain graphics options to support the most awesome hardware
Changed: camera positioning in first person view when in a vehicle
Changed: avatar movement has slower walking, faster running and sprinting
Changed: improved responsiveness on changing movement direction and jumping
Changed: production results influenced more by skill level
Changed: production globals split up in 2 levels (25/50 dinar like hunting)
Changed: spawn of the most aggressive bots at oil rig decreased significantly

Fixed: error when player entered radar (probable cause of different issues)
Fixed: on rare occasion the body bag items got corrupted
Fixed: megaloid felt trapped to soon

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