Update V

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Update V

Post#1 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:51 pm

Good day folks!

It's with great pleasure that we finally get to announce this big release. We already mentioned the robot alien ship mission completely redone from scratch. I could write a couple of paragraphs about our own observations and how we enjoyed it while building and testing, but i'd rather not spoil the surprise for others. ;)

A lot of work was done under the hood as well. Mainly focussed around improving maintainability en flexibility in dealing with items, loot, rewards etc. And also a couple of reported bugs, glitches and annoyances were taken care of. All in all a nice package that we don't want to keep you folks waiting for any longer. Wrapping thing up with some notes for the die hards. See you on the other side!

Notes! (vu0.6.6.4)

New: pion_client.exe can now detect and switch between 32 and 64 bit client setup.
New: the launch.ini file can be used to force DX9 if have peformance problems with DX11
New: community leader can add enemies/allies from the selected community´s home page
New: slider under color correction to tweak the lightness a bit
New: datetime added to community tax payout message
New: a fresh batch of items, both looted and craftable
New: weapons dealing radiation and electric damage
New: oddly shaped devices can be found which allegedly open a doorway to the robot alien ship

Fixed: glitch where a crouched avatar could break through the roof by standing up
Fixed: glitch that could be abused to keep the facility final battle running
Fixed: a couple of shader issues identified in output logs from user (bug-) reports

Changed: item value now always includes 2 decimals (per user request)
Changed: energy cells have been reversed engineered and recipes are publicly available
Changed: skills were given more impact on production (by popular demand)
Changed: the hack tool window will now be closed when changing tool/weapon
Changed: skill progress is added to pve calculation for critical hit chance and damage output

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