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Update V

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:56 pm
by Tedjuh

Good news everyone!

Here is the first true functional update for the new year to address some of the more popular requests and most annoying issues. In particular quite some changes were applied to the facility capture area. Another batch of items was introduced and some existing recipes were changed to make better use of specific parts looted from creatures. All in all this should tie things together a bit better and reduce the amount of ┬┤stuff┬┤ which only use seems to be dumped in the pwn shop. And with the improved maintainability of the new loot and mining system it should be easier to change things if the need arises. ;)

Notes! (vu0.6.6.7)

New: loot and mining system rewrite with focus on improved maintainability
New: craftable enhanced voyager and prober armor set (more big game hunting armors)
New: bunch of items (mostly crafted)
New: tailor npc to swich clothes and armors which exist in both male and female versions
New: scan tool to gather information about creatures to better determine a hunt strategy
New: analysis skill (scan tool)

Changed: door access logic for facility capture area
Changed: capture area points to trigger FB increased by 50 so owners have more time to start defending
Changed: killing competitors for capture area will reduce their activity points
Changed: recipe for armor enhancer cs markIII requires creature specific parts

Fixed: broken armor attachment were still active client side and out of sync with server
Fixed: spawning multiple confirmation windows while player enters/exits pvp