Update V (posted post-update)

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Update V (posted post-update)

Post#1 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:14 pm

Good news folks!

The recent switch to the new unity 5 engine surely opened up a lot of options development-wise. As promised we have yet another very nice update if we may say so) with some 'heavy' content and improvements in the eye candy department. Overall people seem very pleased with the recent updates despite some minor issues, which are addressed with some of the fixes mentioned below.

Also the issues we were having with sending e-mails from our web-host have been resolved for the main site. We're still looking into a solution for the forum but at least people will be able to create a new account or reset an existing one. This means we're able to pick up on promoting Pion again without people getting stuck and requesting support. All is well that ends well so we'll conclude this update introduction with notes!

Notes! (vu

New: Weapons and tools can now have 0 or more repairs (especially low durability items)
New: NPC at the junkyard who does repairs in exchange for some coins
New: Male and female clothing with varying colors/textures including hats!
New: Ranged heavy weaponry with area of effect damage
New: Options to tweak contrast and exposure when color grading is enabled
New: City in the south-east quadrant with portal facility
New: Unity 5 particle effects to start replacing legacy effects

Fixed: Community members under options were invisible
Fixed: Wrong text in hunting quest npc tooltip
Fixed: Portal device not working when map is already opened
Fixed: Mining bomb hovering in mid air (collider issue)
Fixed: Final battle end time extended to much on server reboots

Changed: Some heavy weapons fire speed were increased and skills required for maximum damage are decreased slightly
Changed: Avatar creation nick name check at least 1 of the 3 names needs to be unique and the combination of names should not exist in any order to prevent people mimicking existing names
Changed: Some more tweaks on certain models visuals color/lighting settings
Changed: Client side creature hit boxes to keep projectiles with area damage in sync with server
Changed: Some tweaks on the bot attack spawns
Changed: Mining claim info now shows discovery and expiration

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