Update V

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Update V

Post#1 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:16 pm

Alright folks!

We planned to do one more update before heading off for a bit of vacationing and it looks like we've made it!. This one is mostly focused on (requested) fixes and changes so you might recognize some of the ones listed below. Despite some flaws and the headaches that Unity 5 might cause it does at least deserve some credit for improvements in the particle effects department. Just like it only makes sense to start decorating a Christmas tree after getting it out of the woods, we've grown accustomed to starting with stick figures and sock puppets just to get things working correctly. In any case, a big thanks to all of our supporters and please enjoy the release notes!

Notes! (vu

New: Skill window first page shows total skills and levels so you wont have to calculate yourself
New: Teleporter in Mountain Peaks for convenient access to the south east
New: Large creature for teams or 'elite' solo players
New: A few craftable and lootable items

Fixed: Megaloid hit effect and Healthbar getting 'stuck' sometimes
Fixed: Avatar mesh/model sometimes showing incorrect textures in first person view
Fixed: Missing render material for craftable grenade laucher 302
Fixed: High impact on performance by rocket missile explosion in close view
Fixed: Turrets on bot ship burning by default
Fixed: Missing female gloves for Prober armor model
Fixed: Grenade/rocket launcher visuals show the full damage instead of rounded values
Fixed: Storage/trunk not opening on the first attempt when empty
Fixed: Mountain Peaks PvP ring added to event manager

Changed: Required amount shown in assembly/component window is more readable in yellow
Changed: Increased IBay maximum order amount from 10k to 100k and duration from 7 to 14 days
Changed: Awkward automatic rounding in Alchemy terminal input field
Changed: Replaced Ye Olde particle effects on vehicles with nice ones
Changed: Split up spawn with Overseer, Serpentaur and Boolean into 3 seperated spawns

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