Update V 1.0.5

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John Silver Long
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Update V 1.0.5

Post#1 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:06 pm

Good news everyone!

Some of you kind folks were reaching out to us with requests and it seems like we'll be delivering on quite a few things we've promised to look into. Just one glance at the release notes shows a substantial list of entries in the New-category. Most of which should look more or less familiar to many of you.

As such, the main focus for this VU could be summarized as improving usability with a sprinkle of tweaks and fixes. But as always, it's up to you lot to pass the final judgement on whether this update is a blessing from heaven or paving the road to hell

Notes! (vu 1.0.5)

New: High level underground mining resource
New: Assortment of crafable items
New: Ability to choose specific creatures for the hunting quest
New: Option for outside ambient light under options (Graphics/PostEffects).
New: Option for saturation under options (Graphics/PostEffects) when color grading enabled
New: Toggle option to turn of the pvp enter/exit warning window (Options/Advanced)
New: Toggle option to show action messages heals/damage etc. on screen (Options/Advanced)
New: Option to increase crafting energy/speed at the cost of progress/success rate
New: Unlock global help chat for avatars who've reached lvl 21 sanity or lvl 28 tenacity
New: Natural resource pick-ups
New: Few more idle animations on avatars
New: Chat commands and buttons for animated/audible emotes
New: Two extra weekly events on tuesday and friday
New: Optional bonus skill(s) for system generated events

Changed: Moved post-effects from Options/Advanced to Options/Graphics
Changed: More fine grained control for chat channel ignore options
Changed: More audio volume options (work in progress)
Changed: Increased Open Season Sunday event duration to 2 hours (per request)
Changed: Players using televators can't receive damage anymore while showing portal screen
Changed: Televator usage is limited to once every 4 seconds (excluding travel time)

Fixed: Missing message for ammount of fuel added to vehicle
Fixed: Pick axe durability/value only updated on unequip or switch to other tool

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Re: Update V 1.0.5

Post#2 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:20 pm

-edit: Got what he asked for, starts bitching off-topic. Good luck where the grass is greener, make sure to use a valid email! ;)

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Kitty Catty
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Re: Update V 1.0.5

Post#3 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:42 am

... New: Natural resource pick-ups
Has this changed the spawn density of Natural resource pick-ups ... or does it mean something else?

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Re: Update V 1.0.5

Post#4 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:06 am

You can now find shitake mushrooms as well...... :roll:

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