Update V 1.1.0

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Update V 1.1.0

Post#1 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:08 pm

Good news folks!

Here it is, the live release of major milestone version 1.1.0! With the initial focus on terrain visuals we obviously didn't stop there. The release notes below will attest to that statement.
Most, if not all, mentioned in the notes has been thoroughly tested, though there could be some small glitches somewhere. If so let us know where with coords and we'll make sure to polish it in the next update.


Notes! (vu 1.1.0)

New: Cancel button for specific hunting quests
New: Refactored terrain and road shaders to adopt PBR and glorious 2k textures
New: Multiple selection of up to 28 items. (ie: all visible items in maximized inventory/storage).
New: Alt + mouse click to select individual items or drag for box selection (currently applies to inventory, storage and pwn shop)
New: Sounds & effects for sci-fi handguns
New: Conveniently placed 2 extra storages next to the crafting terminals

Fixed: Terrain level of detail was not always updated when in close view
Fixed: Repositioning GUI windows after resizing the game window
Fixed: Old Rover out-of-sync issues
Fixed: Active mining window closes automatically upon approaching the claim at ~5m
Fixed: Offline messages were sent to incorrect connections
Fixed: Assembly and component terminal lacking sound fx during auto crafting
Fixed: Armor sync on hits (can be followed in opened item description window)
Fixed: Pion events armor/clothes were handed out with incorrect gender type (2)
Fixed: Invisible players after disconnect and reconnect without restarting client
Fixed: Vitality and endurance value rounding in skill window
Fixed: Titan run animation switching to walk on rotation
Fixed: Floating Zeta's and overall animations fubar
Fixed: Bullet trails not visible when fired in to the sky without backdrop
Fixed: Female avatar hand mount points adjusted for better weapon/tools fit

Changed: Terrain/vegatation system overall performance improvements
Changed: Pickable stones spawn at Zion was slightly reordered / relocated
Changed: Event ranking window close button is now a collapse button until after the event ends
Changed: Chat command /emoticons is renamed to /emotes and will open the emotes window instead of dumping all commmands in chat
Changed: Storage/trunk window now opens directly showing a progress indicator while retrieving items
Changed: Pick axes operation speed was increased slightly
Changed: Event ticket text was adjusted to mention timestamp deviation and add a bit more clarity overall
Changed: Slightly increased Zeta movement speed
Changed: Slightly increased Arkanoid run speed and implemented the new animation controller (like Titan, Zeta and Felon)
Changed: Redundant setup for retrieving world server connection info in case shared webhost fumbles (again)

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