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Items for trade

Post#1 » Fri May 29, 2015 5:43 pm

Hello everyone

Trading crafted items and consumables when on stock 1:1 with raw and refined materials that you not find on a regular basis in the pawnshop.
It is also possible to fill up trades with certain components also not found on a regular basis in the pawnshop.

Voyager parts
Prober parts
Infinity parts

Adv M1911
Adv M16A1
OAT Alpha P02
OAT Alpha P03
OAT Alpha P04
OAT Alpha P05
OAT Alpha R02
OAT Alpha R03
OAT Alpha R04
OAT Alpha R05
OAT Alpha Enhanced R02
OAT Alpha Enhanced R03
OAT Alpha Enhanced R04
OAT Alpha Enhanced R05
Real Knife

PRE 102
PRD 102
PRD 103
Enhanced Heal-kit

M bomb
L bomb
Omicron P cartridge
Omicron R cartridge
Omicron S cartridge
Prototype P cartridge
Prototype R cartridge
Prototype S cartridge
Enhanced bandages

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