Few small suggestions :)

Any Suggestions on present day issuses or development?
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Shiva Simha Das
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Few small suggestions :)

Post#1 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:21 pm


I'm huge fan of ur work guys. And God bless you for this efforts in making this free online game. Having wish to give few suggestions, I hope it wont be taken as critisism. I just think it wont be some major changes but boliving it will benefit game expiriance.

1. Add claping sound to glob and hofs sound background plz. Am so mising it. Kinda like *light clap-clap* sound finishing hofs.
Beside that .. if its possable to zoom out of char automaticly to some medium *zoom out distance* when hofing/globing aswell.
Most of ppl playing game just beacuse of hofs. Mising your beautefull hofs wille in first person view, kinda sin for me, so I allwais bother
zooming out before taking loot or crafting run.

(ps: I know to work a bit in musical programs. If I got original sample of glob/hof sound, I could experiment with it and present you some examples. If you like you keep it or reject it np.)

2. Lower the sound of Rapier Mark attack plz... its just waaaay to loud. Same goes for Recycler station.

3. Introduce scateboard or something like that... should be expencive but possable to craft for even low lvl crafters. So we dont lose so much
time runing around by foot. Plz. Maby even some teleport chip that opens portal like existing ones and consumes a lot of energy cells.

4.So far I did test game, with multiple runs or creatures with atleast 5k ammo per run, some creatures (lower ones) should have a chance
of huge hofs. Even if its 0.10% chance, it whould be nice to know that even miner 103 for exaple, can hof some 250-300D loot.Duno if
thats allready possable but me and my friend did spend some 200k ammo on it and max was like 80-120D loot.

5. Add outpost in sumpor area around middle whould be nice.

6. I know most likely this is long shoot since i did experiment in making terain in unity combining photoshop. But this existing
terain got way to high mountains that are complitly wasted areas. If there is a way to lower hights/angles of mountains it whould be
awsome. Otherwise we will just continue to go around them, praying claims apier in acessable hights.

Best Regards.

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Shiva Simha Das
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Re: Few small suggestions :)

Post#2 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:42 pm

Ok few more little suggestions :)

1) Toolbar
Weapons/tools in toolbar should be able to do auto-cast, for instance right click on Pick-Axe in toolbar should not drop the item from toolbar it rather should do auto-cast and draging item from toolbar should drop them, i think it should solve some problems...

2) Crafting skills
Cmon... exp on crafting screws gives the same exp as crafting M16 gives, my opinion to that problem would be that dificult/more mats crafts gives you more exp.

3) Mining amp
Due to unique mining, simular like in entropia, is actualy the main asset of this game and it should be gave more attetion to it.
I mean there is shooting in many games and looting as crafting can be found in allmost any game. But this kind of mining i did look 100 times before and there is none. There are more reasons why mining should be improved, allready many players talk about those amps ideas I know.

Amplifers has lets say 10% chance to double the loot no matter if its regular small or hof... That kind of amps would be a great thing to make this game more "gamble" like, and so rise its gameply to the roof.
PRD and bomb allways returnt you 91% or more back what you spend, but this amp should NOT be included in that return and that would make a perfect PID drain. As ANY game need or have.
This Amps don't give you back its value like other items in game, 91% or any. Insted, that amp value/PID can be complitly drowned or if you lucky you my profit.
So, any items or actions in PI got its return but this amp shuldent. Its pure gamble. Pure fun :)

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