Any Suggestions on present day issuses or development?
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Expand that 'lake' south of Outlaws, ideally ''surround outlaws, with a DEEP 'river'. Create some small rivers leading off.. 3 person (1 'Captain/driver , 2 Gunners), 3 x 16 Inch Guns (ie USS USS Missouri BB63) . Using a LOT (like 1? per shot? :) ) of Omni R cartridges per Salvo, but huge range (like, entire map :) ). Shells can also kil any1 inside buildings (including resource base). They can kill any1, in any PVP zone. BUT it would cost a lot of ammo to fire of 1 turret salvo (thats the 'downside')

1st Society to create Battleships must be given to Starfleet Command OBVIOUSLY. Cant be 100's BBs there that would not work . Best only SFC controls that.

Thanks for reading about Naval strategy!!!

PS. you could perhaps make a craftable PT boat , for others. But keep the BB = Starfleet Command controlled no exceptions :).

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