A few ideas and suggestions

Any Suggestions on present day issuses or development?
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A few ideas and suggestions

Post#1 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:09 am

I present to you a wall of text:

Let us select a color for our mining nodes - When several people are mining in the same location it quickly becomes confusing which nodes are yours, having a few choices to select from ingame would make things alot easier.

Make sulfur more common - Nitrate and coal are common almost everywhere, going to UGM specificly for sulfur feels detrimental (since there is also Nitrate and coal around their hotspots)

M&L Mining bombs from Mr Quick fix - Mining for gunpowder to craft bombs to mine more is redundant.

Autoloader attachment / Magazine extension - Pistols are frowned upon for their incredibly low magazine size and more skilled players usualy have alot of free attachment slots, this will help make pistols more likable and offer a useful attachment regardless of skill level.

Increase oil availability Or Reduce plastic requirement for handles and possibly amps. - Finding enough oil to make Knives or Katanas is truely a challenge and "forces" you towards gunpowder alternatives, not to mention crafting bandages, finders and amps.
Alternatively give us the option to craft reinforced melee weapons, where we can spend more metal for the blades.

Helicopter landing leeway - Landing the helicopter can be a nuisance with how it bounces back and forth midair sometimes (most of the time), maybe make it a bit more bouncey?

Reduce lead availability or give it another field of use - I CANT find enough titanium to use it all

Increase drop rate of arkladon/faradon/acidor pieces - Most of us are sitting on tons of boots (example) but missing a few specific pieces.

Rework OAT Pistols - No one crafts or uses theese. Commonly found in Pwnshop.

Increase Melee weapon range - Certain enemies cant be reached without aiming outside their sprite.
Slopes and steep mountains will prevent you from reaching enemies from above. Having the highground almost garantuees misses.

Increase healkit range slightly - Moving with your heal target and keeping them healed can be incredibly hard.

Rework "Tier 3" mining quests - There is litteraly no desire to target mine for Zinc, silver - etc.

Increase quality of "Treasure" from Unrecognizable signals, even if it means increasing their rarity, perhaps add a flag that allows mining events to include them.

Outlaws Production - Offer different quantities for Outlaws materials, say, 20, 100 and 500 (just examples) dinar for each of the materials.

Increase Mech spawns north of Zion - Doing their quests is rough - the majority stays on the mountain slopes forcing you to go up and down and even then the drones outnumber them by alot.

Decrease migration of Boolean/Serpentaur, hunting theese selectively always causes a massacre of Overseers, not to mention the newer players being terrorized by them.

Quests in team - Make it possible to get quest progress in a team, be it whoever did the most damage or who looted the creature.

Larger pickaxes - A possible use for Zinc, Aluminium, Silver etc.

Increase quantity of ores from each ore rock (Above ground mining) - Swinging at a huge rock only to realise you picked up 2kgs feels a bit weird, not to mention how tedious it is to find a new rock etc.

Item "repair" - Allow us to combine item pieces to avoid having to bring and swap several pieces (and attachments) mid hunt. (include a 1% fee to account for the piece that would otherwise be recycled)

Attachment rework - Make attachments use more ammo or bombs rather than decay massively. Bringing a ton of amps in itself is a hassle, but getting the gold for all of it a pain (moreso for those who dislike the mining process)

Sliding vehicles, Handbreaks please! - Placing or exiting a vehicle at the slightest angle can cause it to slowly (or rapidly) slide away from you.

Thanks for reading, hopefuly atleast one of theese fell to your liking.

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Re: A few ideas and suggestions

Post#2 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:36 pm

I certainly argee on most of this, also let us be able to stack boosters for at least an hours hunt or 3 per type max. Having to use ganja every 10 minutes is a pain in the butt.

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