Ideas/suggestions from new player perspective

Any Suggestions on present day issuses or development?
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Ideas/suggestions from new player perspective

Post#1 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:05 am

After 2 days of playing i want to share my suggestions what i found strange, buggy or not noob friendly.

1) running looks a LITTLE bit too slow.
2) Auto use any tool could stop when changing tools and not only when pressing right mouse button
3) sound settings resets after each relog
4)Auto tool could be some hotkey instead of alt+left mouse
5)Would be usefull to add feature that shows distance to mob, so we dont waste our ammo checking shooting distance
6) When opening Pwn shop, my mouse cursor disaperes ( have to press space again )
7)In mining cant drop reprobe when found claim. ( Have to press Close button what is a bit annoing )
8)Auto close loot window doesnt closes when get global , so we can look what we got
9) in ibay there are no info how much % is buyout.
10) there are no way to look at Jobs unless we are talking to npc.
11) reload could be automatic, without pressing R maybe
12) could add some mre user friendly info what scopes can use what type of gun.
13) For example i have 100 uses for my gun. I buy extra ammo for this gun. Equipping weapon and it still shows me 100 uses left. Bought ammo doesnt go to stack but makes 2nd stack and makes this "bug"
14) NPC active windows could clsoe automaticly after starting to move. Clicking x every time is a bit annoing
15) There could be a little bit longer timer on mining deed expiring i think
16) I have idea that could give us some extra fun to grind. When hunt or mine, player can loot White box. White box can be opened for some basic reward. 5 White boxes = 1 red box with more advanced reward. 5 red boxes = black box with rare reward. 5 black boxes = diamond box with very rare reward possibility. And this can continue like forever. I think this system would be fun with some longterm planning too. Player can decide when he want to stop to get his reward
17) could add new feature - Traders rating - where player can increase this rating by selling his items around average mu %. This rating can be color coded and stick near to nicname. Lets say green - good rating, red - bad rating. So community will see who trys to manipulate the market in ibay and "scam" people that are not aware. Gren rating can be rewarded with smaller ibay fees and also player can bold his offer, so others can find this offer more attractive. Players with bad rating could get some penalties, like ban in some zones/citys, or disable opportunity to join events or smt like that.

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