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Mid tier Weapon damage rework

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2021 8:06 pm
by comedyspit
There is quite a different variety of guns in project ion but i feel that the dps doesnt reflect at mid tier level guns excluding crits, there is the separation of what is prototype and what is oat, alpha and beta and normal,enhanced and advanced.
Uzi with its fast shots might compete with oat r02 and its 6 levels of difference.
And the difference between oat r01 and 02 is range and one is crafted which makes it worthless and unsellable.
A slight increase in dps would render items more valuable and more usable.
I mean, more dps and higher fire time will result in the same dps.
Level doesnt really mean dps unless one has level enough to use the best guns there are with high dps,fast reload and ammo capacity.
Pistols are ignored they deal same damage dmg as rifles but less ammo capacity which is why pawn is full of them and ammo.
A weapon buff and improvement would be great. Specially mid tier weapons.
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