Future map (sizes)

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Future map (sizes)

Post#1 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:01 am

When Project Ion did start out back in 2011 we have had for a long time a 1km² area.

Huge already for those days it was great to explore the different parts and get a feeling of being on a small island.
old 1km² area :

Now days we have seen the implementation of a huge area covering 64km².
Just as back in 2011 it offers enough room to play and test the different dynamics from the game.
old underground :

Those who have been part of the old island have seen the underground area the developers worked on.
Not yet implemented back in the current built, but who knows...

Going underground will give a great dimension to the current area as you could go down for many miles with both natural and man-made structures.

What the future could bring next i can only dream about.
Having a real continent like Iceland 100,000km², being it the last strong-hold from humanity, or even going into space, with places to go like our own moon, Mars and Europe, or one of the other moons from Jupiter.

Will be really cool to see what Project Ion has in store for us in the future.

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