Hello, and looking for soc!

Here is room for you to introduce yourself. Feel free to open a new topic and tell us something about yourself. Thanks in advance for your introduction!
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Hello, and looking for soc!

Post#1 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:16 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been playing Project Ion for the past few months and figured I should finally introduce myself. My in game name is Dark Grimm Shadow. I live in the US and play a few times a week when I have free time. I played EU since 2006 on and off and have finally become frustrated enough to feel like I don't need to go back to it. The effort and risk of real money was not worth the reward to me anymore and it had lost the "charm" I feel it once had. I've enjoyed PI so far due to its similar style to EU yet it has some characteristics that have made it unique to itself. Usually you can find my grinding away on Reapers 1-3. I would like to join an active society so that I can learn from others, have fun hunting and chatting with others and continue to grow.

My goals in the game are as follows:

Short term:
- Join a Society so I can have some socmates to talk to, learn from and occasionally hunt
- Unlock Firearms and level Short Range (28) and Medium Range (19) to 30.
- Level all other combat and mining skills up to at least 20.
- Start grinding on Aravermons once I can comfortable do so, to continue to level up

Medium/Long term:
- Unlock all skills
- Become self-sufficient in terms of crafting weapons/armor that I use to hunt
- Own one of every item
- Total world domination :evil: :evil: :evil: :lol:

I've enjoyed learning about the game and I'm glad there's other people involved in the game. I love having the Wiki available to look up information and the forums to come read topics (although most are pretty old). I explored the Outlawz area and the oil/uranium rigs the other day and I love the excitement that they bring to the game.

What I'd like to see improved in the game are a few things.
- The ATH board is a little disappointing to look at. There's no "uber" loots on there at all. So at most, the best all my hours of hunting can bring in is a few hundred PID. I've heard people say its because of the "loot pool" since there's not as many people playing. However, I don't believe Project Ion should have a loot pool that loot comes from. Entropia has it because it's a RCE where that loot equates to real money that Mindark is potentially liable to pay out. Project Ion uses fictious money that cannot be withdrawn so it should not be tied to a loot pool. An occasional uber loot in the game would be fun to see and would give players another goal to strive for.
- Unlimited armor. I only wear Explorer right now because I can't afford the money and time to constantly be trying to piece together armor sets that will break within a few days anyways. I'm all for limited guns and other items but it's too much of a pain in the ass when it comes to Armor.
- Bigger variety in land topography. While the game is fun, the topography is a little dull. Never-ending hills in the game. It'd be great to have a bigger variety in plant life, color of terrain, caverns, etc. I loved exploring Entropia for hours discovering the new Dr. Seuss-esque terrain and unique scenes.

Anyways, that's the end of my introduction. I'd like to thank the developers for taking on this enormous project and am excited to see its future development! :D

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