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New player experience

Post#1 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:27 am

Review: Project Ion is a game that wants you to fund its development without engaging with a New Player.

If you are keen on low population, niche games where real money is required and you need to be supported by a clan/society to survive, read on.
Otherwise ... this is not the game for you.

This contradictory stance between donation and New Player engagement results in a game that cannot be played to see whether the game has any redeeming features.
Once a New Player has created an account and logged into the game, they immediately find themselves with nothing to do and able to check out the game without spending a ridiculous amount of time doing immensely boring tasks.

Should they stumble upon the NPC's that give missions, they quickly become disillusioned by the 375 missions (188 hours of play for 0.04 pid per quest) required to afford the first basic weapon (a knife).
Having gathered the 15 pid for a knife, a player would expect this to allow them to at least gather enough resource to buy another knife before the one and only weapon they have strive so many hours for becomes worthless.
Unfortunately, the knife can collect about 9 pid of resource. So a mere 150 missions later you can afford another knife.

Luckily there is another source of income ... Gathering.
The Project Ion describes Gathering as "...the easiest way of getting free money in Project Ion. Raw materials like hemp plant, coca plant and wood log spawn all over the map and can be picked up by walking into them. Their spawn rate is especially high inside the lootable PvP area Outlaws"

The reality that you are lucky to find one resource after 30 minutes to walking, scanning every nook and cranny for this rare find.
An informed guess of these 'easy' raw materials is that there are 20 of these resources in the game at one time.
However, as these resources are worth between 22 and 29 quests, a player can afford a knife after several hours.
Unfortunately, 90% of these resources are in a PvP area. Not a place a level 0 player should go into.
Luckily there are very few players online at one time.

Until the developers are willing to support New Players, popular uptake of this game is unlikely.

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