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Hello to all

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:43 pm
by oldman
i am magikziggy , and i want to say like all knows i was unworthy guy inblack before i pruchased the account from the entropia player ziggy , after that i took some dinars from a player RAJ till now i thinked we are friends huge mistake like we talked earlier i said to him tomorow i will send him the money on paypal , he gave me his paypal all were ok , after that i got a deal to sell the account to some player from entropia TIna general of WSS a known and respected society in entropia , ( fucked up his reputation by actual general ) , he asked me to log in to check the account if is real i said ok i dont think its a cheater , after he log in he changed pw and take the account , so guys i posted this topic to deal with caution with this player and devs again are neutral in this issue :) so thx to all and i hope karma will strike you all :)))) motherfucjkersssss