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Post#26 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:30 am

zydu wrote:
Treb wrote:Wow.. "Heyas! Welcome to ION, Crazy Treb!" With what an awesome topic to join ION forums! LOL. Such controversy for you small town neighborly folk! ;> I'm not afraid to just jump right into the deep waters here.. so here goes! *gulp gulp*:

zydu wrote:Welcome to the game. I suggest using 'Community Introduction' section of the forum.

Loving the game and community so far, so thank you ;) And I will limit my off-topic comments best I can.

Treb wrote:In my fiveish years of "another popular mmorpg", one of the most important lessons I have learned is that no two people hold the exact same definition or guidelines, "rulebook", of morality. Every person exists in their own unique domain somewhere on the scale between selfishness and selflessness. This is, to me, one of the beautiful things about most all life that we know.. the diversity.. strengths can compliment weaknesses and vice-versa.

All I'm really saying is be not quick to judge.. and mind-reading is a very dangerous practice ;>

zydu wrote:I do not know which part of the world you come from but last time I checked, using someones lack of knowledge or experience for personal gain, hurting that someone in the process was considered amoral pretty much across the globe.

Treb wrote:AND P.S. Regarding accusation of "fraud"... By loose definition, IMHO, this would mean that one or both members of the transaction stated false information regarding the trade...

zydu wrote:Thank you for your opinion. Maybe the question we all should be answering is: being fully aware of items true value is it acceptable not to inform the other party about it for the sole purpose of personal gain? Is it OK to boast about such action and laugh in the faces of other members of the community? The seller has pretty clearly explained his feelings about the transaction and bottom line is, he quit the game because of the treatment he got...

I am by no means advocating the ethical or moral behaviors as described in this post.. I was simply trying to pose an introspective exercise.. and I personally feel there is no absolute "right" or "wrong" opinion to have on it. I will ad hoc and (hopefully not badly butcher) an old fable/moral story I heard recently:

Long ago, a man receives an unexpected visitor to his home. It is a weary traveller pleading for food and board. The host kindly invites the man to stay "for as long as he needs" and feeds him well. Some time passes and the traveller says he is refreshed now and ready to move on, expresses some gratitude, and is soon over the horizon. Later the same day, local police arrive at the kind host's door. They have with them this familiar traveller and his hands are bound.. he is only staring down at his feet. One of the officers says, "You'll be glad to know we grabbed this guy just outside of town.. he admitted to taking these silver items from your home." The kind host is silent for a moment and then replies "No no no... you must be mistaken... these items were given as a gift". The traveller is then released and the officers apologize to both men and leave. The traveller never looks up to the host's eyes but mutters a tearful "thank you" and dashes off. The traveller never steals again and later saves a child from an approaching carriage in the streets.

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Post#27 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:40 pm

Nice one... Free to think and to act... all GAMES to WIN and no one likes to loose...

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