Mining Run #1 run 2 Results

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Mining Run #1 run 2 Results

Post#1 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:44 pm

This post will be updated after every mining run with the number of runs, finders, bombs and results (all to be done using 101) Only ores from last run are to be displayed for update, return will be included to calculate average.

Number of Run: 2nd
Finder: Woosh PRD 101
Bombs: Small (Ammount: 253)
Crude oil: 27.96
Copper ore: 26.10
Nitrate: 19.11
Sulfur: 16.90
Coal: 11.64
Titanium: 9.90
Iron: 7.52
Chromium: 6.39
Lead: 6.40
Uranium: 4.70
Gold: 2.00
Total: 138.62
#2 run return % : 83.50

Average return in 2 runs: 84.45%

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