Far Far Away in the Future

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Far Far Away in the Future

Post#1 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:30 pm

1. All in game sounds devided in selections. Atm sound of turrets or recikler or monster attacks are under main volume. And It whould be nice to have those under ambiental option.
So Hof freeks like me, can boost main volume up and lower d rest so only hof sound can be realy loude and scare d shit out of you when it comes. Not to scare d shit out of me wille passing recickler or city towers.

2. Hunting/mining amps will provide higer Hofs/returns and expensive runs. Return can be ajusted by adding metal residue in return loot. And sugesting somehow to use nitrate, uranium, lead in producing those.

3. Am mainly a miner.. so I dream about towers. Hofs above 300 pid can be extracted with towers that use repair skill to be placed/complited.

4. Gaining new lvl of skill allso gives some small swirls =)

5. Only 1 type of bombs. Yeah... I am realy agains evrything that need to remove corunent work on game to be honest. But...
Few times GM told me .. dont mine beacuse of hofs. And I whould agree about that if there is on 1 tt bomb to buy. But since u need to mine whold day for mats to make L bombs that u actualy use again for geting ores, biger hof is actualy only reason to use biger PRD no? I meen.. whay u wana spend 2k pids for 1.5k pid L bombs? U can't go and get only ores u need for L, since u get a lot of difrent ores aswell. So basicly u need to spend lot more time and pid to get L bombs for what? Return will be same.. biger with 203 since u lose faster so u get biger return but on d end u get d same.
So why even bothering going for L bombs if you can simply get allmost same mats u need with lower PRD.
Just dont sold me *u get more *dificult* ores with 203. Since we all know gold is not even close in demand like it is gunpowder lol
So.. kinda.. im my apinion.. only 1 type od bombs will work.. 101 simply spend 1 bomb, 201 -2, 102 -3, 202 -4, 103 - 5 and 203 - 6 bombs per drop. Or just put M and L bombs on mr. fix, will fix things aswell.

Unfortunatly, making M and L bombs craftable is bad idea from start. Sory. Just imagine.. no wonder ammo is a bit problem even with 201 now in game (thx for that tho). Since some hunting guy need to go and drop 1 pid per 1 pid in mining and transform that in copper/lead/tit/gp. Dosent mather how skilled he is, his not crazy to transform all that gp to L bombs just to go mining again d same ores. But if someone got plenty of pids he hid erned by hard work or gratefull donation, he can go and get ores much faster for ammo wichout pointless grinding to make L bombs before.

Hmm.. maby in a far... far.. future..

Best regards.

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Re: Far Far Away in the Future

Post#2 » Mon May 16, 2016 10:43 am

I agree that there is no reason to use M and L bombs because the return of mining is mostly correlated with the amount of bombs dropped and what they are worth. This became more obvious now that you can drop double amount of bombs. There are also the random hits that can give multiplier (the global/hofs ones sometime, sometime a smaller one). This predictablity is one of the reason why I think mining is boring, even with the extremely rare treasures. The 200-series of detectors might have given us a faster way of getting resources out and that stimulates crafting abit, which in it self stimulates both hunting (ammo, weapons etc.) and mining (finders and bombs). Although, as said there got to be more reasons to use the M and L bombs than faster turnover. My suggestions for easy fixes that would make mining abit more intresting:

1) I think M and L bombs should stay. They make mining more related to crafting and it stimulates the markup on gundpowder related resources. I think the usage of the bombs should be changed. These type of bombs should only act as amps and should be able to be used by any type of finder. I mean they should multiply every type of claim, as it is now you can still find alot of tiny, small with the other type of bombs, which makes them feel meaningless. This leads to another misfortune, it makes the x02-x03 type of finders less attractive which makes them not worth crafting more than for skills. To summarize: M and L bombs should multiply everything and force claims to become atleast higher than tiny and small.

2) Higher depth finders should result in more random hits (chances for multipliers -> hofs/globals, treasures etc.) and rarer resources. I understand that this cannot be for free, so they should be more expensive to craft and they should decay even more (alot worse durability for each level of finder).

3) The above suggestion will work if the resources are abit more spread in markup. This is another problem with the mining right now, only Lead are unique because it has crashed in markup. The other ores have about the same markup. Even if gold, silver and chromium might be a bit more rare finds, they still are not unique because the increase turnover with 200-series and lack of unique crafting recipes. My suggestion would be to make the current "rarer" resources even less frequent to find (it should feel like hitting a global/hof). Decrease it a lot, I know you are scared that it might hinder crafting which stops the other professions, but mining is going to die at this rate and it is not going to increase markup and stimulate market. It will only bring playerbase down or make miners become hunters/crafters. Either change hitrate on the rares or atleast introduce new extremely rare resources that are bound to new craftin recipes.

4) These resources (new types and/or make the old rarer) should be impossible to find at lower depths. This is another problem with mining: Hunting have the reward of using much better weapons at higher levels. Prospecting feels useless since the depth do not matter enough. Even if the new patch says depth matters it do not matter much more, and that is because of no uniqueness of the minerals and treasures are too rare to care about depth.

5) I guess the craftingsystem is at fault too since a lot of recipes makes the resources equally worth (except lead). I think crafting needs to be reworked and a lot of items needs to be removed/changed. As crafting is now it makes mining more boring (useless minerals even with 120% markup) and hunting stagnates.

6)While I am at it, I got to critizes the Gattler as a way of saving playerbase. This was a obvious way to save players from quitting by making an uber item use TT ammo and have extremely high durability. That is a lazy way to make the game feel exciting and it will f*ck up crafting and mining even more in the end since the elite players that loot or afford this weapon will use it a long time and not care about other types of ammo, weapons and so on. The idea itself is not bad to introduce an uber item to keep playerbase and attract new, but I think the uniqueness with it (no reload, high tier dmg/sec, extreme high durability) is all that it needs, but NATO usage is really damaging to the other professions! Sooner or later all elite players will own one and it will be meaningless to craft or use other types of weapons/ammo.

These are fixes that could improve mining and crafting which will also make them more popular. As it is now hunting feels fun and rewarding both skillwise and lootwise, mining&crafting feels like an awful chore and not worth it for the hofs/globals or extremely rare treasures.

Too long did not read:The miningsystem is too predictable and makes it boring. Keep the other type of bombs, change finders, hitrate of different ores and improve craftingsystem by removing/changing recipes. Change gattler if you dont want to break crafting/mining all togheter.

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