Any Suggestions on present day issuses or development?
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a combination of two things, especially companies, into one.
Add terminal that merges 2+ items of the same type into one.

Variation: For armors, allow adding any armor pieces (of the same type) regardless if they're F or M

Doesn't really need explaining why that's a good idea. Everyone's familiar with the situation below:
There you kinda have several pids worth of armor... but not really. Can't recycle it, no point in taking it with you to Morti hunt--storage space in the car is limited and you don't want to overburden your ava with useless crap either.

Same goes for guns. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add 7-8 "almost-guns" into one real gun. Much less useless clutter in the storage.

Another example. U just looted an armor piece. 1st reaction, nice! Then u look at the condition--11 pids. Bummer! Even if it's the right sex, 11 pids means--put it up on iBay and u already lost 10% of it's potential value. Besides, nobody wants to buy such a low condition item anyway. Not to speak if it's F, then it's completely useless and goes straight to PWN.

What good is it for the game if some of the avatars that happen to be of the "wrong sex" are forever sentenced to endure economic disadvantage? None whatsoever?

OK, so get rid of it! 8-)
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