Update V 1.0.6

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Update V 1.0.6

Post#1 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 1:16 pm

Good news folks!

What starting out as a humble update, planning for a couple of features, suddenly caught wind underneath it´s wings and the whole thing took off. An honorable mention for the huge support we got during this cycle. From all the participants on our testserver hunting for bugs, to all of the financial backers showing there generous nature.

A sincere thanks to everyone involved in making this one of the most thoroughly tested releases in the history of ION. Please, enjoy the notes!

Notes! (vu 1.0.6)

New: Chat commands to open /discord and /wiki
New: Extra trunk slots in vehicles for our financial supporters
New: Damage received upon exiting a moving vehicle with amount scaling up in relation to the vehicle velocity
New: The ION Speeder is the first high-tech vehicle for personal transportation
New: A borderless window option can now be enabled in the launcher.ini file (use ESC for logout window to be sure player prefs are saved, or alt + F4 for a hasty getaway)
New: Webhooks in Discord for pushing notifications like Hall of Fame and Pion generated events

Fixed: Parts of options settings not being deserialized
Fixed: Aluminium icon
Fixed: Vehicles colliding with mining bombs and receiving friendly fire from rockets/grenades fired from inside the vehicle
Fixed: Bad collision behavior when vehicle was spawned in the same place as player
Fixed: Portal device window disappears behind the map upon activation. The menu can now be summoned by right/clicking the map
Fixed: Some objects became invisable on low quality settings
Fixed: Gattler midi and midi aiming offset
Fixed: Disconnection during first time avatar creation and relogging mid-air
Fixed: More strict clamping of avatar boundary values for converting 'ancient' avatar body data
Fixed: Flying creatures hitting through walls and improved AI wall detection
Fixed: Cave transitions to the outside world could become invisible

Changed: Some much needed networking improvements for efficiently and properly syncing vehicles
Changed: The enamel destroying movement sounds on turrets are much more subtle and pleasing to the ears
Changed: Some overall improvements in the way audio clips are played. Providing us with options for more audible future updates
Changed: Custom size settings in window mode are now maintained between online sessions
Changed: Full screen scaled option automatically calculates ratio based on current resolution width to fit full screen
Changed: New beginners spawn has moved to a proper location in Zion Citadel (underground)
Changed: Mining detector is closed automatically when in close range of the claim. Range can be increased if preffered, let us know!
Changed: Most obsolete effects and sounds for rifles have been discarded in favor of slighty heavier but much more beautiful effects.

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